Monedas is a crypto asset explorer for newcomers.

What is

Monedas is a crypto asset explorer for you to discover new and interesting projects. Instead of focusing on traditional metrics like market caps and price, Monedas looks at other characteristics of code-based projects such as commits, repository age and more (in the works)!.

I think crypto assets are a different animal. Instead of looking at projects solely by traditional standards (like we look at equities), there should be more information on the code itself. Being that the important projects are protocols vs businesses that use blockchain, I believe data points on the code base should be considered.

With that said, I don't think commits, repo age or any one data point is a good determinant for the quality of the project. I do believe that, at the very least, it can signal something interesting. For example, a $X00M project with little to no acitivty on the repository should raise some flags.

Who are you?

Hi! My name is German. I fell down the crypto rabbit hole early this year. I built Monedas because I couldn't find a tool that looked and worked like I wanted it to. You can read more about how I went from nothing to launching Monedas here.

What are commits?

In software development, commits are changes made to your project. To better explain it, please click the link for a better explanation by Jake Boxer.

How did you get the age of the project?

Using the GitHub API!

What is next?

I am looking to add categories, pull requests, contributors, scam voting, clickable coins, search bar and more.

Is this investment advice?


How can I get in touch?

Twitter is always the easiest: @espitia7